The Boys

‘Sturdy food trucks, unique dishes, smoking barbecues, food festivals, funky music and providing every other aspect that’s needed for events.’ That’s the best way to describe ‘The Boys’. Two friends who have both been working in the event business for years have decided to join forces. Their individual experiences and expertise made this a match made in heaven. The structured “Jack-of-all-trades” and bar/restaurant owner Boudewijn Brink was previously the owner of a light- and sound company and an event agency. He makes sure everything works, is in the right place at the right time and he keeps a structured overview. Creative mind Bojan Aleksander previously has years of experience as a party organizer and DJ. Creating and preparing unique dishes, arranging music for events and marketing/design are just a small selection of his tasks. Together, Boudewijn and Bojan are also the founders of the ‘Multiculinair Food Festival’ in Holland and Germany.

Whether you’re looking for someone to organize a complete event, custom catering, a business event, a wedding or music for your event, The Boys and their years of experience are your perfect partner.